Graduate Programs

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree can be enhanced by the two-year curriculum of the Master Science in Mechanical Engineering. The master program is designed to graduate students to work as general mechanical engineers who are involved with the area of fluid mechanics, which embraces the study of fluids and thermodynamics besides air conditioning, and with the area of solid mechanics, which embraces the domains of stress analysis, machine design, dynamics and vibrations. Merging these two domains in a two-year program doesn’t prevent students to become remarkable mechanical engineers in any specialized domain. In addition, students will acquire, after completion of all requirements (52 credits) , all necessary knowledge to work or to apply for higher educational degrees such as Professional Masters or PhD in any specific areas of the mechanical engineering. 

In order to enhance the students’ communication, social, and management skills, elective general education courses are included in the student’s curriculum and these courses form an important core of the engineering programs.


MS_MENG_Plan of Study