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Heat Transfer

Existing Equipment

& Test Bench



HDL Hilton software Program

H 111     Heat Transfer Service Unit

HC 111   Heat Transfer Service Unit Computer Upgrade

H 111A  Linear Heat Conduction

H 111B  Radial Heat Conduction

H 111G  Lumped Heat Capacitance

H 101     Heat Exchanger Service Unit

HC 101A    Data Acquisition Software Upgrade

H 101A  Concentric Tube Exchanger

H 111C   Steefan Boltzman
H 111P   Free & Forced Convec. From Flat, Finned and Pinned plate

Covered Topics

Linear heat conduction, Radial heat conduction, Unsteady state heat transfer, Forced Convection, Concentric tube heat exchanger both for co-current and counter current flows, and Radiant heat transfer and heat exchange using Stephan Boltzmann Theory. 

Covered courses

 MENG 420L