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Thermodynamics I

Existing Equipment

& Test Bench


HDL Hilton software Program

H981      Temperature Measurements & Calibration Unit

R514      Mechanical Heat Pump

RC514A Data Acquisition Upgrade

H050      Equation Of State of Ideal Gas. Boyle's Law Demonstrator, with                two sealed glass cylinders

H111J     Perfect Gas Law Demonstration Apparatus

H111M   Marcet Boiler (Saturation Pressure)

H111R    Stirling Cycle Engine 

H 111     Heat Transfer Service Unit

HC 111   Heat Transfer Service Unit Computer Upgrade

Covered Topics

Temperature Measurement and Peltier thermo-electric effect, Boyle's law, First Law of Thermodynamics, Pressure-Temperature relationship for water/steam, Heat pump and COP of heat cycle, P-H diagram, Hot-air Engine as a Heat engine.