Master Thesis Projects - Dr. Habchi

Potential master thesis students who are interested in one of the following projects presented by Dr. Charbel Habchi ( for Fall semester 2014-2015 are kindly requested to meet him as soon as possible in the School of Engineering (Beirut Campus – Block G – First floor) before they do their registration in any of the offered MENG695 “Master Thesis – Part I” sections of Beirut campus.

The list of projects includes:                                     
  1. Fluid structure-interaction for heat and mass transfer enhancement:

    An original concept is proposed to enhance heat transfer and mixing quality performances in multifunctional heat exchangers/reactors by using flexible vortex generators (FVGs). The role of free elastic flaps oscillations on the mixing process and heat transfer in a three-dimensional laminar flow should be numerically investigated by using ANSYS Fluent coupled to ANSYS mechanical.

    Co-supervisor: Mr. Samer Ali

    • Required Skills: ANSYS Fluent – ANSYS Workbench Coupling – Fluid mechanics – Heat transfer.

    • Deliverables: Master Thesis Report.


  2. Multistage water rocket:

    Water rocket is a plastic-bottle based rocket which uses pressurized water to propel it upwards and then a parachute to keep its payload. Today, the making and launching of water rockets are being pursued in various forms and in various parts of the world. While model rockets are popular in the United States, water rocket making events are taking place at schools, science museums. The project is to design and build a multistage water rocket and by making necessary calculations.

    • Required Skills: Fluid mechanics – Thermodynamics – Aerodynamics.

    • Deliverables: Prototype – Master Thesis Report



  3. Push operated spray pump:

    As shown in the figure this pump operates without the need to a motor. When the person pushes the pump, a mechanical system is designed in such a way to convert the wheels rotation to a piston-cylinder assembly.

      • Required Skills: Fluid mechanics – Dynamics.

      • Deliverables: Prototype – Master Thesis Report


  4. Waste heat recovery:

    Design of a heat recovery system for residential application such as shower water heating, room heating…

    Co-supervisor: Dr. Mahmoud Khaled

      • Required Skills: Thermodynamics – Heat transfer – Fluid mechanics.

      • Deliverables: Prototype – Master Thesis Report.

  5. HVAC calculation:

    HVAC study of a building.

    Co-supervisor: Dr. Mahmoud Khaled

      • Required Skills: HVAC – HAP – AutoCAD – Thermodynamics – Heat transfer – Fluid mechanics.

      • Deliverables: Plans – Master Thesis Report.

  6. Using PCM for PV panels cooling:

    The efficiency of photovoltaic panels’ decreases with increasing its surface temperature. This project consists on using phase change material (PCM) to absorb the heat and cool the PV panels. The study consists on experimental measurements and the PV panels exist already at LIU.

    Co-supervisor: Dr. Ali Assi – Dr. Wassim Salameh

      • Required Skills: Thermodynamics – Heat transfer.

      • Deliverables: Prototype – Master Thesis Report.