Master Thesis Projects - Dr. Melhem

Potential master thesis students who are interested in one of the following projects presented by Dr. Omar Melhem ( for Fall semester 2014-2015 are kindly requested to meet him as soon as possible in the School of Engineering (Tripoli Campus – Block A – First floor) before they do their registration in any of the offered MENG695 “Master Thesis – Part I” section Tripoli campus.

The list of projects includes and is not limited to:

  1. Equivalent Thermal Circuit for a Fuel Cell:

    The project will involve understanding the heat transfer modes occurring in a fuel cell so that an equivalent thermal circuit can be constructed. The temperature distribution and variation within the fuel cell must be determined using the thermal circuit model to be coupled with earlier investigation of the fuel cell and improve the predictions which have been based on assumptions of uniform and constant temperature.

    • Required Skills: MATLAB – Heat Transfer – Fluid Mechanics.

    • Deliverables: Thermal Model/Code – Master’s Thesis.


  2. Numerical Investigation of Offshore Oil Skimming Mechanisms:

    Understanding of the oil skimming process and the relevant parameters must be developed. Investigation of the current status of the oil skimming technology must be performed. A CFD model of an oil skimmer will be constructed to perform a study of the importance of relevant thermo-physical properties and of the effect of geometric and kinematic parameters on the oil skimming process. The possibility of constructing an experimental setup for validation will be considered. 

    • Required Skills: ANSYS Fluent – MATLAB – Fluid Mechanics – Computational Fluid Dynamics.

    • Deliverables: CFD Model/Code – Master’s Thesis.


  3. Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Laser-Gas Assisted Cutting:

    This project aims at developing a three-dimensional numerical study of the jet impingement process in the context of laser cutting operations. The study will focus on investigating the effects of nozzle geometry and stand-off distance on the fluid mechanics and heat transfer phenomena associated with the assisting gas jet impingement on the cavity produced during the laser cutting operation. The results will be used to optimize the laser cutting process.

    • Required Skills: ANSYS Fluent – MATLAB – Fluid Mechanics – Heat Transfer – Computational Fluid Dynamics – Manufacturing Processes.

    • Deliverables: CFD Model/Code – Master’s Thesis.


  4. Heat Recovery Types and Applications – Modeling and/or Experimental Studies:

    This project involves modeling and conducting a parametric analysis of heat recovery from engineering systems: all-air HVAC systems, boilers, generators and several other engineering systems. Design of a heat recovery system for residential applications can also be considered.

    • Required Skills: Thermodynamics – Fluid Mechanics – Heat Transfer – Programming.

    • Deliverables: Thermal Modeling/Prototype/Code – Master’s Thesis.